Municipal Emergency Management Bureau held a video conference on safety production during the holiday season

Municipal Emergency Management Bureau held a video conference on safety production during the holiday season

Release date: 2021-10-08 09:26

Source of information: Municipal Emergency Management Bureau


On the afternoon of October 5th, Qian Yeqiu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, presided over a video conference on work safety during the festival to re-emphasize, redeploy and implement work safety in the city during the National Day. Relevant leaders of the District) Emergency Management Bureau attended the meeting at each branch venue.

At the meeting, various localities reported on the safety production situation since the National Day holiday and the implementation of the emergency notification requirements of the provincial and municipal safety committee offices. Qian Yeqiu affirmed the effectiveness of the early work of the city’s emergency management system. The entire system was not relaxed during holidays and safety inspections. He quickly implemented the work requirements of superiors and ensured the overall stability of the situation. For the next work, he emphasized:First, we must be cautious and do a good job of safety production during holidaysAlthough the situation in the previous stage was generally stable and no fatal accidents occurred, the signs of accidents still appeared from time to time. We must continue to maintain a state of tension, not relax requirements and vigilance, and continue to maintain a stable production safety situation during the holiday season.Second, we must conscientiously implement targeted preventive measures.It is necessary to strengthen the safety precautions in key areas such as construction and construction in accordance with the emergency notification requirements of the Provincial Safety Commission Office, and communicate and implement work requirements to all localities and departments; it is necessary to strengthen analysis and judgment, especially the analysis of the safety situation of transportation and tourism, and implement targeted work guidance ; It is necessary to continue to carry out unannounced investigations and visits to ensure that safety supervision does not take holidays; it is necessary to pay attention to the safety risks brought by the dual control of energy, and to strengthen law enforcement inspections on enterprises that frequently drive and stop accidents such as hazardous chemicals and metallurgy; it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of resumption of work and production , Play a good first hand to guide the chess.Third, we must continue to make emergency preparedness.It is necessary to be on duty strictly, and to report information in accordance with regulations for some emergencies; to grasp and understand the safety work on road traffic safety and tourist attractions in a timely manner, and promptly deal with and respond to ensure stability and safety.


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