Mundaca by case Rojas Vade: “I will not be the hueón, we need constituents that are up to the task” | National

From “grave” The governor of Valparaíso, Rodrigo Mundaca, described the situation that the constituent process has had to face due to the fake cancer by Rodrigo Rojas Vade. Done you are being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office with respect to the declaration of patrimony of the conventional.

The statements were delivered during his visit to the Bío Bío region, within the framework of the country’s first national meeting of governors, where decentralization and the powers of the elected authorities are discussed.

In this context, the representative of the Valparaíso region and member of Modatima, Rodrigo Mundaca, referred to the current moment in which the constitutional process is going through the Rojas case, who acknowledged not having cancer, despite the fact that his campaign focused on the disease and made raffles to pay for the alleged treatment.

After being consulted, the governor indicated that “I’m not going to be foolish about the question Rojas Vade, because it’s not my style. It seems to me that what has happened in the constituent process, regarding this constituent it’s bad, It is a situation that affects the whole of the constituent process, it is a situation that, in addition, it weakens the popular camp ”.

For this reason, he considered that “as Vice President Jaime Bassa and Elisa Loncon have also declared, they have to make the most appropriate decisions precisely so that we do not continue to disappoint those of us who have fought for a constitution for so long that it ends with one of privileges and rights for the rich ”.

In the opinion of the authority, the conventionalists have to work to put an end to the constitution that was born in dictatorship and for that isor “we need constituents, men and women, who are up to the task.”

In addition, he highlighted the importance of safeguarding the convention because “in order to have more powers, we need the constituent process to transfer political and territorial power to us. If we want to recover water, we need the new constitution to place in the centrality water as a common good and make access to it a human right.

He recalled that as Modatima in addition to being the first social organization to win a governorship, it also has 6 constituents distributed in districts 2, 5, 6 (with two representatives), 23 and 27.

Meeting of governors

Regarding the national meeting that takes place in the Bío Bío, he affirmed that “it is a historical moment, without a doubt, because here are governors, governors of all Chile, who have started a process that is unprecedented in the country. For 200 years Santiago has been a kingdom and its elites have been the ones who have determined the course of our own destiny, of our territories, of the communities ”.

He also stressed that the process is the result of the social struggle, since “it implies having decentralization in the political, administrative and financial spheres. This means having greater skills, today we have very few competencies, we have 15 competencies derived from the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Economy, and Transportation, but we also have functions that are very important for our territories: normative, administrative, budgetary, planning, coordination and supervision, budgetary and political ”.

“We don’t expect anything from the government”

Mundaca recognized that the implementation of the position has not been easy, holding the Executive directly responsible. “Just as the Piñera government put enormous obstacles and difficulties for the beginning of the constituent process, it also it has put enormous obstacles in the beginning of the decentralization process ”.

“From this government we do not expect anything, on the contrary, we hope that it will end soon.“He added.

Similarly, he summoned the presidential candidates who will speak at the national meeting to commit themselves and assume that “democratically elected governors must be the hierarchical and administrative superiors of all regions of the country.”


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