MuKiDu – music for children

Socially disadvantaged children receive music lessons in the SOS Family Center Hamburg-Dulsberg.

Revolverheld is not only “always on the move” with its own music, the band also actively and sonorously promotes the next generation. The residents of Hamburg by choice have sponsored the Musik-Kinder-Dulsberg (MuKiDu) project by SOS Children’s Village Hamburg and want to enable socially disadvantaged children to learn musical instruments. The goal: music lessons for children from Dulsberg and the surrounding area, regardless of budget, origin and education.

With the MuKiDu project, SOS Children’s Villages Hamburg wants to make a contribution to early musical education and teach school children instruments such as flute, guitar and keyboard. “Without our initiative, many children would not have the opportunity to learn an instrument because music does not play a major role within their families or simply does not have the money for it,” explains Stefan Woywode from the SOS Family Center.

The organizers are now looking for donations to continue the project. Revolverheld supports the project because promoting music for children is very important to them. “I am excited about the idea of ​​offering children who are not on the sunny side of life a new chance and a happy childhood,” explains frontman Johannes Strate. Drummer Jakob Sinn adds: “Our parents made it possible for us to learn a musical instrument at an early age, but we are aware that not all children are so lucky.” The band would also like to thank all of their fans who are also actively involved in this project . In the long term, of course, small concerts by the MuKiDu talents are also planned – and who knows, maybe there will be a gunslinger in the audience from time to time …

“It’ll be good if everyone helps. Revolverheld has laid a great foundation. In order to keep the project alive in the long term, we are dependent on further donations. The response has been great and the waiting lists are getting longer. Our goal is of course to have more children.” To bring music closer and to include other instruments in the program, “confirms SOS Children’s Village employee Stefan Woywode. Donations of money, with which the fees of the music teachers can be paid, are also very much needed.” We thank Revolverheld for their support and we are delighted, if even more follow their example, ”says Nele Lippolis, Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator.

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