Mukdahan is busy! Wedding cluster, district. Dong Luang. Bao-girl-relatives are all stuck. order to close the village

Mukdahan is busy! Wedding cluster, district. Dong Luang. Bao-girl-relatives are all stuck. After the bride attended the ceremony before being diagnosed with infection order to close the village

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On 19 January 65, Ms. Wanwipha Phaengkaew, public relations officer of Mukdahan Province, revealed that Mukdahan Province reported the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak. From the laboratory testing of Mukdahan Hospital of people with suspected symptoms (PUI), high-risk exposure Surveillance system and service system Active surveillance in the community on Jan. 18 found 30 new cases, 5 in Mueang District, 6 in Nikhom Kham Soi, 1 in Kham Cha-i, 1 in Wan Yai and 17 in Dong Luang District. . Found 41 new cases

Dong Luang District has detected Covid-19 patients. It is a new cluster with 14 patients from Ban Nam Bo wedding, Nong Bua Subdistrict, Dong Luang District. The first case was found on January 14, the Mukdahan Provincial Communicable Disease Control Group conducted an investigation and control of the disease until that date. 30 Jan. and detained 111 high-risk exposure groups, totaling 75 homes.

Mr. Chakrit Chumchan, Dong Luang District Chief, revealed that the EOC meeting in Nong Bua Subdistrict, Dong Luang District has resolved to impose measures to control the disease. In the event of a Ban Nam Bo wedding, as follows:
1. Close the entrance – exit. Ban Nam Bo Village to screen people entering and leaving the village
2. Organize a team to assess the detainees with quality by attaching a label to the roof of the detainee house on every roof
3. Refrain from all gathering activities in the district. Including the merit event until the end of Jan. 65, stop the market for 1 week.
4. Accelerate vaccination Provide cover and actuator needles 3 and 4.
5. Bring the Dong Luang National Park Fund to purchase water and food Caring for people during the quarantine period

Miss Wanwipha concluded that After the Disease Control Operations Team (CDCU) has screened and collected the specimens. Of the 40 exposed people who are at risk of getting infected with ATK at Ban Nam Bo wedding, 2 have tested positive for PCR and 86 pending results from the Communicable Disease Control Group, Mukdahan Provincial Public Health Office. Said that Ban Nam Bo Wedding Cluster, Dong Luang District, Mukdahan Province found a patient, the bride’s brother, who came to attend the wedding ceremony from Na Kae District, Nakhon Phanom Province on January 12, tested positive for COVID-19. Then the coronavirus was later detected from the groom, bride and relatives. Therefore, the village was closed and everyone in the risk group was quarantined to prevent the spread of infection immediately.


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