MSI Winner JDG Defends LPL Title – Next Step To Grand Slam

MSI Winner JDG Defends LPL Title – Next Step To Grand Slam
JD Gaming is one step away from the historic Grand Slam in League of Legends. The mid-season invitational winner clinched his title in the finals of the LPL Summer Split with a 3-2 win on Saturday LNG Esports defended.

It was the second time in a week and a half that both teams played each other in the playoffs of the Chinese top division. The first duel at the end of July, also with JD Gaming as the winner, went the full distance of five games.

Yae-chan’Scout‘ Lee and his team-mates challenged the defending champion again on Saturday and pushed him to the limit. Meanwhile, LNG Esports led 2-1 in the best-of-five series after a convincing third game and 16-1 kills, but the team was unable to turn this initial situation into a triumph. JD Gaming equalized to 2:2 and finally prevailed 3:2 in a tight fifth game, which ended with a fight for the Elder Drake.

Due to LNG bankruptcy: Bilibili Gaming solves Worlds ticket

This is JDG’s third consecutive LPL title. The MSI winner has also taken the next step towards Grand Slam, as of this writing he has won three out of three possible competitions with the Mid-Season Invitational and both splits in the Chinese league. Should it be South Korean superstar Jae-hyuk’Ruler‘ Park and his colleagues succeed in triumphing at this year’s World Championship in the fall, JD Gaming would be the first team in League of Legends history to win all four major titles in one year.

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For LNG Esports, the lost LPL final also means that their own Worlds participation is not yet certain. With the success of JDG has namely Bilibili Gaming qualified as the second team after the LPL champion due to their own Championship Points. On Sunday, LNG receives against the start of the Chinese regional finals EDward Gaming the first of two more chances to win a ticket to the most important event of the year. The fourth and final Worlds slot will be awarded on Tuesday.

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