Mourinho the big bluff: he goes to live in Parioli, Palazzo Taverna discarded – As Roma football news – Interviews, photos and videos

The house is owned by Alberto Aquilani who will rent it to Mou for the duration of his contract with the Giallorossi

Joseph Mourinho packs up and moves to Parioli. The coach of the Roma he took home and moved a few days ago to an extra-luxury building in the north of the capital. The curiosity is who the owner is Alberto Aquilani, now at home in Florence (he coaches the Primavera of Fiorentina), who rented his apartment at the Special One.

In the building there are five apartments on five floors. Each apartment is 500 square meters large. The price, for those wishing to buy the house starts from 20 thousand euros per square meter. Mourinho and his wife Matilde this week left the hotel where they were staying and settled in their first Roman home. A little uncomfortable compared to work. Trigoria it is at least 45 minutes by car. But a stone’s throw from the most beautiful places in the capital. Ten minutes from piazza del Popolo and piazzale delle belle arti. The palace, which has the appearance of a modern castle, stands on a hill overlooking the Tiber. From home the view is Special. And it couldn’t be otherwise. Mourinho he also evaluated Palazzo Taverna, but then preferred a more secluded residence away from the chaos of the center.

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