MotoGP, Marc Marquez, new episode of diplopia. Career at risk?

A visit to Barcelona, ​​following the fall in the warm up of the Indonesian GP, ​​found a recurrence of the vision problem that had already stopped the Honda champion in November. The disease, which occurs for the third time, could now compromise the season, but also the continuation of the activity on the track

Marc Marquez’s ordeal does not see its end. The Honda rider, who did not take part in the Indonesian GP due to the after-effects of the terrible fall in the warm up, has in fact accused another recurrence of his diplopia problem, the double vision, which had already blocked him at the end of the last season and held still in winter.


In a statement, the Honda team let it be known that during the return trip to Spain, Marc Marquez began to feel visual discomfort and on Monday, upon arrival in Barcelona, ​​he underwent an emergency visit to the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona with his trusted ophthalmologist, Dr. Sanchez Dalmau, who after an examination confirmed a recurrence of the diplopia that the pilot suffered last November.

another visit

In the morning today, Marc also went to visit the medical team of Dr. Samuel Antuña, at the Ruber Internacional hospital in Madrid, to evaluate his general condition after the fall of Mandalika and to undergo an MRI of the brain: the examination reconfirmed that the Spaniard suffered no other injuries.

lo stop in indonesia

In Indonesia Marc Marquez had been declared unsuitable for the GP after a high side at turn 7 in the warm up before the race, in which he had suffered a concussion and several minor traumas, even if the Tac performed at the Lombok hospital, had severe injuries excluded. As a precaution, the MotoGP doctors did not declare him ‘fit’ for the race, but in subsequent tests, carried out in Spain, the new vision problem emerged.

compromised season and career …

At the moment, it is impossible to make any kind of forecast on healing times, because diplopia requires a long rest, but also provides for the possibility of surgery. For Marquez, being the third episode, it is legitimate to hypothesize a long time to recover completely, with the concrete possibility of a long absence from the GPs that would compromise his season. Indeed, hoping that this is not the case, this umpteenth physical hitch could also undermine the certainties of champion of the tracks, with inevitable repercussions on the very possibility of continuing his career. It will take time to recover, but for the unfortunate Marc it might not be enough.


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