Motion of no confidence: Juliana Bogner-Strauß “has driven the healthcare system to the wall”

FPÖ uses the sharpest parliamentary weapon in the state parliament: In the coming session on Tuesday, a motion of no confidence will be brought against ÖVP state councilor Juliane Bogner-Strauß.

The last few weeks have brought numerous negative headlines about the hospitals, both in Graz as well as in Bruck there were massive protests by the staff. A development that the FPÖ “no longer wants to watch”.

The Styrian Blues refer to incidents at the LKH-Univ. Klinikum Graz, where it is said to be massive supply problems had come and one could not meet the statutory duty to provide care to the usual extent.
Second point of criticism: “Long waiting times in overcrowded outpatient clinics, the massive postponement of operations and treatments, the blocking of beds and sometimes even the closure of entire departments, as well as the chronic overload of staff and the associated increasing dissatisfaction on the part of the staff are already part of everyday life in numerous hospitals ” he complains FPÖ hospital spokesman Marco Triller.

“Bogner-Strauß failed miserably

Many of the problems that prevail in the Styrian health care system have been apparent for years, but have been ignored by the political decision-makers or at least not taken seriously enough,” criticizes the FPÖ sustainable and nationwide health care failed miserably,” Triller continued.

Motion of no confidence in Parliament

From a liberal point of view, it is high time for Bogner-Strauß to admit the failed health policy and take his hat off. She is no longer in control. It is now apparently up to the state parliament to draw the necessary conclusions and the ÖVP state health officer that to renounce trust. “The first step is to vote out the current Health Councilor,” Triller concluded, saying that he would table a motion of no confidence in Councilor Bogner-Strauß in the next state parliament session on January 31. With the support of the Greens, the KPÖ and Neos, Triller can However, even if the ÖVP and SPÖ can reject the application with a majority – and will do so – there is “fire on the roof” in domestic hospital policy.

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