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MOSELLE. 19 digital advisers to reconnect everyday life

by drbyos

Private and public structures

There are four private structures: in Forbach (ACCES Center Social Pierre Julien) and in Metz (association of Leisure Activities of Culture and Popular Education, Sociocultural Center Gilbert Jansem, Local Mission of the Messin Country and Departmental Federation of Rural Families of the Moselle).

Eight communities were also selected: the town halls of Metz, Ars-sur-Moselle, Frauenberg, Thionville and Achen (to support, in this village in the country of Bitche, seniors in difficulty with digital technology) as well as the communities of ‘Portes de France Thionville and Forbach Porte de France agglomeration without forgetting the municipal media library la Pléiade. A second wave of recruitment should take place by June. Ultimately, the department could have up to 50 digital advisers.

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