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Swiss Army knife

A Miscellaneous reader asks for help: At the beginning of April, a rubber strap on the bicycle basket got tangled in the spokes of her rear wheel at the Wonnhalde tram stop. Several people tried to get this rubber band out of the spokes. A kind woman even gave her a Swiss Army knife. The friendly assistant said name and address. Now the reader only remembers the house number 2, but neither the name nor the street. She now says: “Hopefully the friendly helper will read this information so that I can bring her the knife soon!” The Miscellaneous editorial team puts you in touch.


corners and edges

Art is sometimes mysterious. In the library of the Augustinian Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, part of Robert Schad’s work of art “The Spur” can be seen. Schad set up the work of art in front of the new institute building of the university hospital on the corner of Breisacher Strasse and Fehrenbachallee: a monumental steel loop and twelve cubes of the same size that were placed at various locations in the university hospital. One of the works of art with rough edges now temporarily adorns the museum library. So don’t be surprised if there’s a steel cube lying around.



At the Breisgau campsite on the Silbersee in the north of Freiburg, Ukrainian artists, some of whom also live on the campsite, have put together a benefit show for their home country together with the circus training center Fly. They were supported by the new site owner Manolito Wehrle and business partners. A total of 3250 euros was collected, which will now be donated to the Ukraine Aid of the Evangelical City Mission.

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Please smile!

“Anyone who takes life too seriously needs a lot of humor to get through it,” said Charlie Chaplin.

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