Monson reprimanded those who complained against Maungdaw through the channel; Lawyer’s notice to Srinivasan | Advocate notice to Srinivasan

Kochi: A lawyer has issued a notice to actor Srinivasan for insulting those who had lodged a complaint against Monson Mavungal for financial fraud. One of the complainants, Anoop V. Mohammad from Vadakkancherry, sent a notice seeking Rs 1.5 crore for defamation through his lawyer.

In a channel interview, Srinivasan alleged that he knew two people who had given money to Monson and that they were swindlers and had given the money out of greed. However, he said in an interview that he would not reveal their names.

“The first complaint is that Rs 10 crore was paid. I know two of them. They are flawless frauds and one of them has allegedly defrauded his own uncle of crores, ”Srinivasan said. Pictures of Srinivasan’s visit to Monsoon’s house were released.



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