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Monica’s ‘cyber bullying’ controversy… ‘Spark’ at department store events[이슈픽]

by drbyos

As the controversy escalated, dancer Hoan “I’m really sorry”

▲ Protests have been posted one after another demanding the cancellation of the event at The Hyundai Seoul Department Store featuring the dancers who shot Monica. Captured from Monica’s Instagram and The Hyundai customer bulletin board

A dancer who has been receiving public attention since Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (Swoopa). It was expected that they would only walk on the ‘flower road’ in the future, creating a dance craze in Korea, but it was caught up in an outrageous controversy. Immediately after the controversy of ‘cyber bullying’ (an act of bullying or harassing a specific person on the Internet) against dancer Monica, sparks even erupted into a department store event.

If you look at the customer bulletin board of The Hyundai Seoul branch on the 26th, there are posts requesting the cancellation of the ‘Special Showcase’ event scheduled for the 4th of next month.

The event is hosted by the fashion brand ‘Peach’, and it is known that Fetch decided to hold a free performance by male dancers during the event after its clothing was exposed to ‘Swoopa’ and gained popularity. In the midst of this, dozens of posts requesting the cancellation of the event have been posted since the 24th, and the Hyundai Seoul Department Store has not yet received an official response.

Those who demand the cancellation are questioning the lineup of dancers participating in the event. It is reported that The Hyundai Seoul branch is also receiving calls to protest, saying, “I do not want to see the performances of the dancers who participated in ‘Cyber ​​Bulling’.”

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When Monica, who previously appeared on the JTBC entertainment program ‘Knowing Bros’, was explaining the dance genre and explained ‘popping’ as ‘poppin’, more than 100 dancers posted on social network services (SNS) that Monica’s professionalism was questionable. raised It was pointed out that ‘popping’ is the correct name.

Leaders who appeared in 'Street Woman Fighter', Rijeong (YGX), Gaby (Lachika), Hyojinchoi (Want), Noje (Waybee), Lihei (Coca N Butter), Monica (Proudman), Honey J (Holy Bang), Aiki (Hook).  Provided by Mnet

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▲ Leaders who appeared in ‘Street Woman Fighter’, Rijeong (YGX), Gaby (Lachika), Hyojinchoi (Want), Noje (Waybee), Lihei (Coca N Butter), Monica (Proudman), Honey Jay (Holy Bang), Aiki (Hook). Provided by Mnet

Poppin Hyunjun “The question of whether it is Jajangmyeon or Jajangmyeon”However, it did not stop at pointing out, but led to excessive ridicule and criticism, which spread to the controversy over ‘cyber bullying’. Monica’s fans criticized the dancers and demanded an apology.

One netizen mentioned the event in The Hyundai Seoul and said, “This event was created because of the popularity of ‘Swoopa’, but this time, the controversial dancers are participating. Of course, it should be canceled.” On the other hand, there are voices saying that we should be wary of spreading into an emotional fight.

As the conflict escalated, singer Hyunjun Poppin came forward. Through his YouTube channel, he said, “Monica also said that it was popping, and I think she said that it is also called popping if you subtract the g. He continued, “I don’t think Monica meant to disparage or misrepresent the genre of popping.

As the controversy escalated, dancer Hoan, who was named the first to shoot Monica, apologized. On this day, Hoan said on his SNS, “I was embarrassed by the wave I had not thought of. I sincerely apologize to Monica, who was hurt by this incident, all the public fans who were offended, and to fellow dancers.” He explained, “I had no intention of sniping Monica, and I made a hasty decision because I wanted to deliver accurate information.”

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