Monica Geuze is already looking at a new house

The main topic of the episode is ‘the future’. Kaj and Monica discuss whether they ever see the future. “I don’t think about the future at all. I live from day to day,” says Kaj. “Me too,” Monica agrees.

That becomes clear when Kaj asks Monica if she wants to live in her current house – where she moved in two months ago – for the next 20 years. “Certainly not. We are already looking for new homes,” says Monica. The presenter continues: “We are not tied to that place at all. If we come across something better, we will do it.”

“Do you want to get rid of this house now?” asks Kay. “If we come across something nicer, we will,” says Monica. “Oh, how absurd. I find moving quite stressful,” Kaj reacts in surprise, to which Monica jokes: “I wasn’t there during the move.”

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