Mohammed VI charts the course for his executive in his annual address to parliament

(Ecofin Agency) – In the Cherifian kingdom, a new phase begins the day after the appointment of the government which will lead the country’s affairs for the next 5 years. Several elements are to be retained from the king’s speech.

On the occasion of the opening of the parliamentary session of the 11th legislature, Mohammed VI sets the course and charts the way for a new era of development for his country. The day after the appointment of 24 ministers who are members of the new cabinet headed by Aziz Akhannouch, the King of Morocco calls on the entire political class to help build ” the Morocco of tomorrow ».

After having mentioned both the major achievements present, as well as future ambitions, the Shereefian sovereign established a set of strategic objectives for the new government during a founding speech for the next 5 years. Made up of major projects and strategic objectives, the royal discourse is structured around three axes.

The first axis, which revolves around sovereignty, a keystone to consolidate Morocco’s role as a regional development engine. The King of Morocco thus focused on the security of strategic needs and supplies, recalling that Morocco, ” Unlike many countries that have experienced major dysfunctions in the supply and distribution of basic necessities, Morocco has managed to manage its needs in this area and to ensure a normal and sufficient supply of its markets … “. He also announced the creation of an integrated national system aimed at the strategic reserve of basic necessities, especially food.

The second axis concerns the transformation of threats into opportunities during and after the health crisis. In this context, the king wanted to be optimistic and reassuring, putting forward several indicators thus confirming the recovery of the Moroccan economy. Indeed, Morocco, a country of 36 million inhabitants, is now part of the restricted club of countries that have been able to transform the crisis into an opportunity, according to the admission of many analysts and observers, which explains the 17% rate. growth in the primary sector at a time when many countries around the world have suffered from constant disruptions in their agri-food supply chains.

Other sectors have also shown ingenuity and agility, such as industry and services, which explains the expected rate of 5.5% national growth at a time when economic activity world has experienced a marked pullback. The Moroccan citizen, him, continued to benefit from a diversified base, without change of price, the inflation being controlled to nearly 1%.

In another register, King Mohammed VI noted that “ the state has fulfilled its duty to satisfy citizens in times of health crisis “, Referring to the free vaccine, which has cost the country billions of dirhams. He also appealed to citizens to be vaccinated, in order to protect themselves and families.

The third axis concerns the new development model (NMD) and the site of the generalization of social protection. A building which must give its results in the near future. This body of development objectives that is the NMD aims to accelerate economic transformation and develop human capital. The national development pact is therefore the linchpin of the implementation of this model, since it represents, as the King emphasizes, “ an essential lever for the implementation of this model ».



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