Home sport Mohamed Salah’s shot causes surgery for Milan goalkeeper (photo)

Mohamed Salah’s shot causes surgery for Milan goalkeeper (photo)

by drbyos

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AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Mainan underwent surgery today, Wednesday, after an injury he sustained during the Liverpool-AC Milan match in the first round of the Champions League.

And Italian press reports revealed today, Wednesday, that Mohamed Salah caused the surgery of the Milan goalkeeper in his left wrist, after the powerful shot he fired at Mainan, and the latter responded brilliantly.

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Liverpool got a penalty at the beginning of the match and Mohamed Salah tried to implement it, but Mike Maynan brilliantly saved it and then collided with the post and could not later complete the match and was replaced by the substitute goalkeeper, due to wrist pain, which later turned out to be a rupture of the wrist ligaments.

Mike Mainan

Liverpool and Milan met on September 15 at Anfield, in the framework of the Champions League group stage competitions, and the match ended with a difficult victory for Liverpool 3-2.

Mainan has starred since joining Milan from Lille last May, in a 5-year contract, and has played all Milan matches in the Italian League and the Champions League.


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