Mobile exceeds expectations for 2020, with consumers spending $ 143 billion on apps

San Francisco (ots/PRNewswire) App Annie, the mobile data and analytics company that helps brands and publishers create engaging experiences on mobile devices, today announced the report The State of Mobile 2021 released. This annual assessment gives an insight into the expanding influence of mobile communications on all industries and the global economy.

2020 accelerated mobile adoption as consumers used their mobile devices to connect, work, study, play and escape, despite COVID-19 restricting the way they live. Consumers spent $ 143 billion on mobile apps in 2020, up 20% from 2019. The major markets that made these issues included China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Selected results include:

  • The time spent with the smartphone increased sharply: 4.2 hours were spent on Android, which equates to 3.5 trillion hours, up 20% and 25% from 2019, respectively
  • Mobile gaming remains unrivaled: This sector is well on the way to a volume of $ 120 billion in consumer spending, which will be 1.5x of the total gaming market
  • Time spent across generations: In the US, Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X / Baby Boomers spent 16%, 18% and 30% more time per user on their most-used apps
  • The focus is on apps for social networks: The time spent per user increased by up to 325% compared to last year. TikTok is well on its way 1.2 billion monthly active users in 2021 as consumers want to both stay connected and be entertained
  • Mobile drives the advertising industry: In 2020, ad spend will climb to $ 240 billion, up 26% from 2019
  • Funding stayed strong: $ 73 billion invested in mobile businesses, up 27% in 2019
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The State of Mobile 2021 shows how to use macro trends and demographic data to see which leading brands and publishers are winning in gaming, fintech, retail, social, video and more.

“The world has changed forever. As people stay at home all over the world, we’ve seen mobile habits quicken by three years,” said Theodore Krantz, App Annie’s chief executive officer.

James Cordery, Head of Performance Marketing Strategy, Deliveroo: “In 2020, we were able to focus on executing mobile strategies that really delivered additional growth to Deliveroo. We were able to share consumer insights with the market context of App Annie connect to make decisions that had a huge impact on our performance. “

This year the report provides an overview of the most important mobile topics in 11 industries and 30 countries with a brand new interactive experience. The analysis and estimates in this report are based on App Annie Intelligence.

Read the full The State of Mobile 2021 here .

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