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Misk Moon Retreat ‘opens doors for guests

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Sharjah. The ‘Glaming’ Center ‘Misk Moon Retreat’, which brings together camping experiences and luxury hospitality, has opened its doors to guests. The Sharjah Investment Development Authority (Shurukh) has opened the first such resort in the emirate, Sharjah Maliha, which is rich in desert views.

The sights and features of the Moon Retreat are more in tune with the modern luxury camping (glamming) facility that is more in tune with nature than the hotel. This is what sets it apart from other entertainment venues. When desert adventures, night sky watching, morning trekking and unique heritage tastes are combined with world-class hospitality facilities, Moon Retreat becomes an unforgettable travel experience for guests.

As the name suggests, the dwellings are arranged in a semicircle reminiscent of the moon. In the desert, there are ten domed domes with four beds, four tents for families and two tents with one bed. Adjacent to each residence is a private swimming pool, lobby and barbecue area.

Shrukh Executive Chairman Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal said the new project is part of Sharjah’s ongoing efforts to set a good example in eco – friendly development concepts.


The first water park in Khor Fakkan

Sharjah invests more in tourism The Sharjah Investment Development Authority (Shurukh) has announced four new projects in the central and eastern regions of the emirate, including a new water park off the coast of Khor Fakkan. It is estimated that the announcements, which will give more impetus to the tourism sector in the region, will also create more jobs.

The ‘Al Jabal Resort’ in the mountains facing the sea in Khor Fakkan, the water park and five star hotel near the port of Khor Fakkan, the new five star hotel in Kalba and the ‘Al Bridi Resort’ in the Gulf, which is part of the Sharjah Safari Park being prepared by the Environmental Protection Authority in the Daid area. The plans are to complete the construction work within the next three years.

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