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In the north of Mexico, the name of Miriam Rodriguez He is a legend in the fight against crime.

At the beginning of 2014, this woman, then in her fifties, received an anonymous call from a man demanding a large sum of money to rescue his is, Karen Salinas, 20 years old.

According to the voice that came from the other end of the phone, the young woman was being held by a criminal group from San Fernando, in the state of Tamaulipas.

Although she did her best to raise the funds to ‘free’ her daughter, amazingly, she never saw her again.

In time, it became known that Karen Salinas she was killed after being kidnapped on a local highway.

Since then, Miriam Rodríguez decided to embark on an ironclad investigative path, which lasted more than three years, to find those responsible for her daughter’s death.

A relentless search that led to the last consequences.

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A real ‘chameleon’ researcher

He modified his physical appearance in every possible way.

According to the investigation by journalist Azam Ahmed, of the American newspaper ‘The New York Times’, Rodríguez began to investigate information in all possible ways about Karen’s perpetrators.

It is said that he came to change his appearance dozens of times: he cut his hair, painted it, put on various glasses, wore baseball caps, wrapped himself in scarves, got uniforms of different professions, created dozens of profiles on social networks and he invariably played with his voice.

In such a way, apart from the official authorities, he managed to find the identity of the main men involved in the abominable crime of his daughter.

As you read about Ahmed’s work, she established a direct relationship with relatives, relatives and friends of those named.

Quite audacity.

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Amazing results

Thus, defying all kinds of dangers, he came to culminate, now with a “little hand” from the authorities, the capture of the ten subjects who were involved in the death of Karen Salinas.

Throughout this process, for obvious reasons, he sought to maintain his anonymity at all costs.

But having gone head-on against crime brought him an exposure impossible to contain.

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Tragic end

Miriam Rodriguez

Her husband was the one who found the lifeless body of Miriam Rodríguez lying on the ground at the entrance of their home.

According to several local press reports, with the success of her investigation, Miriam Rodríguez even asked the Mexican government of that time for a security scheme.

However, despite her warning messages, the woman was killed by a group of armed men on May 10, 2017, the Mother’s day, in front of his house.

Since then, his story is the best portrait of the tireless struggle that victims of violence in Mexico wage against crime and impunity.

His amazing feat came to the big screen this year thanks to ‘La Civil’, a work by the Belgian production company Menuetto Film, which was released in the last edition of the Cannes film festival.

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