Miracle Putra Gunawan ‘Son’ Ivan Gunawan Doesn’t Want to Drink Breast Milk, Iis Dahlia: Is it clogged?

PEOPLE’S MIND – Famous Indonesian singer, Iis Dahlia also commented on uploads Ivan Gunawan who said he had a “child”.

“Our son, our little angel, our beloved son… has been born from the couple NEVA and IGUN,” he said, quoted by Mind-Rakyat.com from the Instagram account @ivan_gunawan on Saturday, December 18, 2021.

“‘Miracle Putra Gunawan’ or can be called Eqqel. Has been born and is present to be a priceless blessing and joy. Eqqel. You make my day more colorful. We love you forever Miracle,” he continued.

Uploads Ivan Gunawan it then went viral and got a lot of comments from a number of fellow artists.

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One of them from Iis Dahlia. In a joking tone, Iis Dahlia reply to uploads Ivan Gunawan who said that his son did not want to drink milk.

“Oh dear papa… how come you don’t want to drink milk… tomorrow papa will come home, dear,” said the man who is familiarly called Igun.

Iis Dahlia also chatted about breast milk (ABOUT) which is clogged that makes “kids” Ivan Gunawan can’t drink milk.

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