‘Miracle’ Im Yoon-ah, Bonghwa native Lee Seong-min’s acclaimed dialect performance

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Actress Lim Yoon-a is expected to reveal her worth once again on the screen. Returning as Song Ra-hee in the upcoming movie ‘Miracle’, he shows cute chemistry with Park Jung-min, who plays the main character, Jung Joon-kyung, as a strong and attractive character. In particular, in ‘Miracle’, Song Ra-hee is a character who leads Jung Joon-kyung so that he can go towards his dream. Lim Yoon-ah added a fresh fun to the movie by expressing Song Ra-hee with her unique bright and lovely energy.

Lim Yoon-a meets the audience as Song Ra-hee, a self-proclaimed muse Song in the movie Miracle (Director Jang-hoon Lee), which is scheduled to be released on the 15th. The movie ‘Miracle’ tells the story of a boy and the locals whose only goal in life is to create a small station in a village that has a railroad track but no train station. As it is Lim’s third film, which has proven both her acting skills and box office success through ‘Cooperation’ and ‘Exit’, it is drawing more attention. In particular, in this work, Lim Yoon-a lovingly expresses Song Ra-hee, who has a strong and candid personality, and has been receiving favorable reviews from the moment the movie was released at the press release preview. I have picked out three advantages of Yoona Lim, who made the film rich with her perfect digestion.

◇ ‘Bonghwa’ is a dialect praised by Lee Seong-min from his hometown.

As the background of the movie ‘Miracle’ is in Bonghwa, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Lim Yoon-a challenged her first dialect acting after her debut. In particular, the dialect of Bonghwa, Gyeongsangbuk-do, was unfamiliar to the accent of the Gyeongsang-do dialect, which was generally exposed in the media, so Yoona Lim made a special effort. While studying the references of the winners of the dialect contest, I recorded and listened to the script and memorized the notes as if singing, and consulted the dialect teacher at the site for line-by-line advice. After such fierce efforts, Yuna Lim naturally realized the tone of the Bonghwa area in Gyeongsangbuk-do in the play. Lee Seong-min, from Bonghwa’s hometown, praised Lim Yoon-ah’s acting in her dialect, saying, “It was her mother’s dialect. It is difficult for the audience to access the local language, and her accent and words are different, but Lim’s dialect was superior.” Yoona Lim’s natural and stable dialect acting is expected to act as a very positive factor in adding to the audience’s immersion.

◇ Straight forward personality

Song Ra-hee, played by Lim Yoon-ah, is a person who recognizes Jun-kyung (Park Jung-min)’s extraordinary talent and takes the lead in implementing his dream to make his dream come true. Song Ra-hee leads Jun-kyung by going straight ahead based on her curiosity. In particular, the presence of Rahee created by Im Yoona shakes the beginning of the play. He brings laughter to the audience with his cute tiki-taka with him, who is a genius in math but a gem in other things, and adds vitality to the play by vividly drawing youthful romance. From ‘Cooperation’ to a clever sister-in-law, from ‘Exit’ as a courageous deputy manager, to a shrewd intern reporter from the drama ‘Hush’. If it was nice to see Yoona Lim playing a bouncy and active character in her recent works, it seems that she will fall for Song Rahee, the positive energy she expresses, once more.

◇ Perfectly digested retro visuals

Yoona Lim’s visual, which is attracting attention for her perfect beauty, shines in this movie as well. Since the background of this work is the 80s, Yoona Lim chose clothes with high saturation primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow, and gave points with large ribbon hairpins, wide headbands, and polka dots. Yoona Lim perfectly digests this 80s look, summoning the audience to the memories of their first love. In addition to acting skills, this is the moment where the effort to complete Song Ra-hee is proven through costumes and hairstyles. It is said that the costume chosen by Lim Yoon-a shows the atmosphere of the 80s when she went to high school in plain clothes, not school uniform, and it is said that it fully melted into the work and brought out the overall atmosphere of the play. Yoona Lim is expected to evoke emotion and nostalgia for the audience who remember those days, and lead the topic along with the retro craze for the current generation.

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