Ministry of Education reminds that TikTok videos are accepted until September 20


5 days left to receive TikTok videos from schoolchildren and students of the region for the account of the ministry of education, after which the authors of the best works will be invited to regularly participate in the creation of educational content from the Ministry of Education of the region in TikTok.

Recall that the desire to be on the same wavelength with the younger generation prompted the regional education ministry to open an account on the TikTok platform, beloved by creative youth. The agency invites schoolchildren and students to film TikTok for up to 30 seconds on one or more of the topics “Domashka”, “School uniforms”, “First week”, “Early rise”, “Time to eat”, “Educational content”.

The deadline for accepting videos is September 20. The video should be sent to the email address. mail: [email protected]… Then the press service of the department will determine the names of the guys who will be asked to conduct account of the Ministry of Education of the region in TikTok (@ minobraz64). If schoolchildren and students like the idea, then already on October 5, on Teacher’s Day, in account videos sent in September will appear.

“We have now received TikTok videos from over 150 students and students. More applications from schoolchildren than students. But everything can change before September 20 “, – reported in the press service of the Ministry of Education of the region.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education explained the reasons for opening an account on TikTok:

“We are not the first in this initiative. The Ministry of Education of Russia has had its own TikTok account for a long time. We understand that modern teenagers don’t like to spend a lot of time studying releases and posts on social networks. Their attention is drawn to short and informative videos. Like other Minobra accounts, TikTok does not require any financial investment from us. The audience will grow if the content is interesting. We are ready to try, but objectively we understand that the account will be entertaining for young people if the schoolchildren and students themselves are involved in creating its content. We invite schoolchildren and students to “pump up” their media skills and help us get used to the new virtual space. “

Contact phone for questions – 8 (8452) 49-19-55.

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