The sun goes down, the sun comes up, Ricardo is still there. Ricardo and again and again Ricardo. He is considered by many to be the best record player in the world, legends surround his name and there is hardly a raver of honor and quality who does not have at least one story in store in which the word Villalobos occurs at least five times (usually in the frame a famous 72-hour weekend in which the banks of the Spree, the Ibiza beach and the anonymous roof terrace merge into an indistinguishable mass ). Hardly anyone shaped the rave landscape of the noughties like Villalobos, his records are selling like hot cakes and soon a bass drum will be named after him. Nevertheless, he has not been a guest in Munich for more than five years, it almost seems as if the reputation of our enchanting Isar metropolis is not as good in some circles in the capital as one would like in this country. If the CSU isn’t to blame again… so be it. For a long time we worked to get the good Señor Villalobos to stop by Munich for a light beer again, but only now have we made it… finally many will say. Finally, we too say: Ricardo is back in Munich! But not somehow and not alone, but together with his great musical companions and friends Dandy Jack (collaborations with Ricardo ran under Ric Y Martin, how’s that ringing? ) and Sonja Moonear, also known together as Junction SM. The knowledgeable raver will have long been informed that Dandy Jack is the most exciting live act of the legendary Perlon sound, which, as is well known, has never stopped forming the spearhead of minimalist avant-garde. No less avant-garde, but at least as sexy, is Sonja Moonear, who also came up with big pieces with Perlon, but also with Kalk Pets, but recently generated an incredibly elegant groove called “Mimosa” on Ruta5. Oh yes, Ruta 5, Dandy Jack’s wonderful label, founded to help various artists outside of the German techno monopoly to gain a foothold in the international rave business. The first releases therefore concentrate on the Chile and South America connection, whereby the sound is typically defined by corresponding ethnic influences, but not without letting the phenotypically psychedelic inclinations of the Dandy Jack productions off the leash. No wonder Mr. Villalobos is interested in promoting this very label, as he’s always on the lookout for that sound and that bass drum ( already mentioned ). Listen to it on an appropriate PA and you will understand. And as luck would have it, we have such a suitable PA at the start, which we have hidden under the chic roof of the Pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space. This wonderfully avant-garde location, which is stylistically located somewhere between the spaceship Enterprise and the Basque Guggenheim Museum. In addition, it is not only in the middle of the center on Marstallplatz, but also has an exorbitant sound quality that will make your trouser legs tremble. All in all, the Ruta 5 Showcase clearly seems to be a one-off event in a raver’s life that is worth telling your grandchildren about: First Sonja Moonear and Dandy Jack ( live ) with one of the most daring live acts of these days, then King Villalobos himself on the decks. The old saying about the DJ and the journey applies here twice and threefold, after all his journeys are significantly longer and more sprawling than Dante’s ride through heaven and hell. In this sense: The sun rises, the sun sets… And while the dishes are already being washed up in Villariba, people are still celebrating in Villalobos… Location: Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space, Marstallplatz, 80335 Munich Start: 22 Limited presale: & Start: 01.06.11 VVK: 13.50.-/ AK: 15.- more info: www.minispace. com/pavillon21


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