Millionaire loans approved by the CN are for the political campaign of the National Party, says lawyer

Radio America. The millionaire loans that are being approved in the National Congress are to be used in an unfair way in the political campaign of the ruling party, asserts lawyer Fernando Gonzáles of the Honduran Patriotic Alliance.

“I believe that in politics everything is worth losing, but the ruling party, the National Party through loans and project commitments can leave us bankrupt,” Gonzáles said.

In this sense, the lawyer said that any government that replaces the current one will find a disastrous country because they are taking advantage of virtuality to continue borrowing the nation.

At the discretion of the legal professional, the deputies are approving millionaire loans in the name of the covid-19 pandemic to use these resources for electoral purposes and generating unfair competition.

For this reason he urges the National Electoral Council (CNE) and the Clean Policy Unit to act against this “unfair competition” because he indicated that actions are being carried out outside the concept of the framework of the law and that they come to affect the Honduran economy.

Although he pointed out that these entities often become accomplices. “There are many people who are silent and go to opacity because it suits them, but the people condemn that impious people are ruling,” he said.

To conclude, he assured that the National Party, Liberal and Libertad y Refundación (Free), prescribed an increase in the political debt.

With information from Nelson Murillo

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