Military APU under shelling congratulated his father on his birthday – video

Military APU under shelling congratulated his father on his birthday – video

Even in such deadly conditions, the defender did not lose his positive attitude and kept in a good mood when he congratulated his father.

“Dad, happy birthday to you! Ah, fuck, wow, this time he hit well. All the best to you, a lot of happiness, a lot of positive … Oh, how gunpowder smelled!” – said the fighter.

In the end, he wished his father and all relatives a guardian angel.

Carefully! Video contains obscene language, 18+!

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In the comments under the video, users are shocked by such a congratulation. They thanked the warrior for his protection and his courage.

  • Dedicated to those boys who say: “I didn’t know how to call, I got busy, I didn’t have time”
  • God take care of you! Daddy has many years. So that next year they could congratulate personally in peaceful Ukraine
  • They add to the congratulations so that dad waits for his son alive and healthy
  • Let dad wait for his son, low bow to parents who adequately raised their son
  • The best congratulations is when you come back alive
  • Your dad raised a worthy son

The video has already gained more than 1.2 million views, more than 130 thousand likes and more than 500 comments.

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