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On September 9th, Microsoft announced a roadmap for the “Microsoft Teams” feature, which it plans to release in the coming months, and a temporary, free LinkedIn course. All of these are efforts to improve the hybrid work experience. CEO Satya Nadella said in an online event yesterday that Microsoft has decided to postpone the upcoming features and the reopening of the company’s site in the United States.

Provided by: Microsoft

The company has been adding new features to Teams over the last two years with a focus on hybrid work.Also in June, many new hybrid meeting features under developmentPresentationbottom.New features in Teams and Office introduced on the 9thIs thinking of users who don’t have the right hardware, software, meeting rooms, etc. to have the most effective hybrid meetings.

Teams Rooms is equipped with a new kind of intelligent camera. Be able to track speakers, support multiple video streams, identify participants, and more. With a speaker tracking function that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), the indoor camera identifies the person speaking in the room based on voice, face movements, gestures, etc., and zooms in on the speaker. It also supports multiple video streams and places indoor participants within each video frame. The participant identification function identifies the registered user and displays the profile name in each frame.

According to Microsoft, “We will bring these features to OEMs in the coming months through close partnerships with industry-leading partners such as Jabra, Neat, Poly and Yealink. In 2022, we will roll out in stages as an update. It is said that it is a plan to “do”.

The company is also working on a new feature of “PowerPoint” called “Cameo”. Integrate Teams camera feeds directly into your presentation, allowing presenters to choose where and how their footage will appear on slides. This feature will be phased in early 2022.

A new feature called “RSVP” in “Outlook” has also been developed. Users will be able to specify whether to attend the meeting face-to-face or remotely, making it easier for meeting organizers to prepare. Also, the “Working hours” feature has been redesigned to allow users to enter work schedule details into the calendar so others know when and where they work. These features are also expected to be rolled out in early 2022.

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