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Microsoft gears up for its big Windows event with 11-minute startup sound mix

by drbyos

Microsoft has decided the best way to remind people that it will launchWhat’s next for Windows? During an event on June 24 with a song. especially, slo-fi remix played with Windows 95 and XP and 7 startup sounds at 4000 percent reduced speed. What Gizmodo This slowdown helpfully indicates that the trail is exactly 11 minutes long, for reasons you can probably figure out on your own.

Getting people to think about slowing down in an upcoming OS update is definitely a bold strategy, but my question is why Microsoft didn’t rely on Remix the initial sound / existing artists. As it is, the sounds are played in the videos that call the virtual desktops of each operating system and are quite quiet when you watch them.

Style is pretty much its own genre on SoundCloud, with the advantage of being more audible than anything else. Like it or not, it’s still intriguing and draws people in Receive a reminder Before the opening on June 24 at 11 am ET. If you only want to hear the startup sounds the way you remember them, try is video While.

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