Michigan rampage – 15-year-old student kills three children at high school – News

  • A 15-year-old student at a high school in Oxford Township, Michigan, USA, killed three students and injured eight people in a gun rampage on Tuesday.
  • The young shooter was arrested unharmed. On the advice of his parents, the alleged shooter has so far refused to make any statement.
  • “It is clear that he came with the intention of killing people,” said the sheriff.

Two of the victims of the tenth grader died on the scene, another victim succumbed to his injuries in a police officer’s patrol car on the way to a hospital. The children killed were between the ages of 14 and 17 years.

According to the police on Tuesday evening (local time), three of the injured were in critical condition, and another was seriously injured. Three students are in stable condition. The teacher, who was apparently struck by a graze, had already left the hospital.

“Intention to kill”

“It is clear that he came with the intention of killing people. He shot people from close range, often in the head or in the chest, “Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said on Wednesday in an interview with CNN. More than 30 cartridge cases were recovered from the school, so the perpetrator probably fired more than 30 shots.

The exercises at the secondary school for such a case and the rapid intervention of the police would have saved lives on Tuesday, Bouchard emphasized. After the alarm in the school, the shooter tried to gain access to barricaded classrooms and even shot through doors.

He is also said to have tried to impersonate a police officer, as shown on CNN video footage of students. According to the police, when he was arrested he still had eight rounds of unused ammunition with him.

Motive still unclear

The alleged perpetrator was taken into juvenile custody after the arrest. The police had confiscated a handgun belonging to the alleged perpetrator’s father.

It is still unclear how he got hold of the weapon he had just acquired a few days ago. During a search of the parents’ house, documents were found that, according to first impressions, allowed insights into the thoughts of the boy before the crime, Bouchard told CNN.

A police spokesman had previously announced that the alleged perpetrator refused to testify, so his motive was unclear. His parents hired a lawyer. The suspect was caught within minutes of the first emergency call, which was received at 12:51 p.m. local time – 6:51 p.m. Central European time.

President Biden shocked

President Joe Biden said before a speech he happened to be giving on Tuesday at a community college in Minnesota, USA, he was shocked by the renewed firearm incident. “As we investigate the details, my condolences go to the families who have endured this unimaginable pain over the loss of a loved one.”

The school was cordoned off after the attack and some children were placed in locked classrooms while officers ransacked the building. They were later taken to a nearby grocery store where their parents picked them up.

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