Michael Jordan and his new $ 8 million fad

10/10/2021 at 9:30 PM



Michael Jordan continues with his clear tendency that he began to practice since the end of his professional career, that of discretion in his public life. Yes indeed, One of the ways that the Bulls legend is used to making people talk about is in his ostentatious purchases.

The last of these quirks, the acquisition of a luxury yacht that has cost him 8 million dollars. The owner of the Charlotte Hornets is a great lover of sport fishing, which is why he bought the Catch 23, a luxury yacht with which he normally competes in the White Marlin Open de Maryland.

In 2020, Jordan and his team caught a tuna weighing more than 200 kilos. It should be remembered that thanks to its different businesses, many of them related to sports, Michael Jordan accumulates a net worth of around 1,600 million dollars.



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