MGMG boss Peter Schlipköter will stop in 2022

He launched the “Pioneers of the World” series and organized dozens of markets and festivals for the city. In one year, Peter Schlipköter wants to hand over the management of the city subsidiary MGMG to younger hands.

When celebrities come to Mönchengladbach, he has usually paved the way: Peter Schlipköter, head of the municipal marketing company MGMG, organized the events of the Mönchengladbach initiative group and brought almost 30 Nobel Prize winners and famous “world pioneers” to the city. The Dalai Lama was there, Kofi Annan, Michail Gorbatschow, the globetrotter Bertrand Piccard, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder – once even five Nobel Prize winners came at once. For 20 years, Schlipköter has been directing the fortunes of MGMG, playing event and gastronomy locations such as the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle or the recreation house, organizing knight festivals, markets, the tower festival, the flashlight concert for children. The violet Tuesday train or marketing at tourism fairs are also in his portfolio. The past year and a half were marked by the pandemic, but Schlipköter found ways for events. But now he wants to stop. At the meeting of the MGMG supervisory board, he announced that he would not extend his contract, which ended in September 2022. Since he then reached the age limit at almost 68 years of age, this is the right time to quit and a good reason for the company to give a new, younger management team the chance to continue working successfully, emphasizes Schlipköter. He points to successes in the event area, in the initiative group, in digitization in marketing and in the revitalization of the gastronomy in the KFH. He is grateful for the time and ready to “help prepare a seamless, successful transition”. dr


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