Metz. At Passages, Marcio Abreu “moved to play at the Koltès theater”

You are recognized in Brazil. What about in France?

“I have been invited several times to France by the National Dramatic Center of Limoges, the theaters of Choisy-le-Roi, Vanves… As an author, I have even adapted for the Comédie Française, The Three Little Pigs ! Conversely, I also helped to make Jean-Luc Lagarce known in Brazil. I am very interested in French culture. It is very moving for me to play at Espace Koltès, because he is an author for whom I fell in love when I was a teenager. “

“Sem Palavras” was born in the context of a pandemic …

“It’s different to experience a pandemic and to experience this pandemic in Brazil with a fascist president, at the origin of a genocide [contre les peuples autochtones, N.D.L.R.]. It’s tragic. It is a very difficult moment in our history. This Tuesday, September 7, was for us “July 14”, and we experienced the threat of a new coup. In Metz, everyone was very tense. “

How did you work during this period?

“We had been rehearsing in São Paulo for seven days when everything stopped. On March 16, 2020, I returned home to Rio. There were a few virtual encounters, but I didn’t manage to create this piece that way. So I continued to write. Before coming to France, we did three small residences in the Brazilian countryside. “

At the origin of this piece, there is the Spanish transgender philosopher Paul B. Preciado…

“I was inspired by his thought: transition, transformation, ambiguities… as a way of existing. In my room, several stories welcome bodies that speak about this. There is this policeman, producer of violence and also victim, this woman consumed by consumption on the Internet who finds herself in the street, or even this drag queen who is afraid of being attacked by the police because of her sexual option. … ”

In your room, two transvestites play the role of transvestites. We think of Koltès who wanted a “Black” actor for the role of Abad in “Quai Ouest” …

“To each his own body! We are talking about the place of his body. These two transvestites do not play their life on stage either, but a performance related to fiction. On stage, there is also a black actor who comes from Bahia and who talks about the peoples who have been enslaved. I also have a comedian who does drag queen performances in his life and who brought that to tell a story of homophobia. But there are also women’s bodies, with this sublime dancer, Key Sawao, older, who tells with her body the passage of time. ”

“Altamira 2042”: the voice of the rivers of the Amazon

For the past eight years, Brazilian actress and director Gabriela Carneiro Da Cunha has been the voice of the Amazon rivers threatened by deforestation. After giving the floor to the women who fought and, for some, were killed, for defending the Araguaia River (Guerrillas girls or to earth there are no missing person), she presents Friday September 10 and Saturday September 11 at 6.30 p.m., at Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, at Passages Transfestival, Altamira 2042. A visual and sound performance dedicated to the Xingu River, threatened by the construction of an electric dam in Belo Monte, in the State of Para. “I spent three years there meeting, and above all, listening to people, deafened by explosions and machines,” she explains, recalling that “what is happening there is part of the story. ‘history of Europe’. “It’s the legacy of colonialism,” she laments.

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