Meta Platforms has built an AI supercomputer – will be the world’s fastest |

Meta Platforms, which is behind several social networking services, has built an AI supercomputer that will be the world’s fastest before the end of the year. It reports The Verge.

The AI ​​computer goes by the name RSC, which stands for AI Research SuperCluster, and it is expected to be ready by the middle of the year.

RSC will help the company’s developers build new and better AI models that can take data from trillions of examples, several hundred different languages ​​and analyze images, video and text together.

“We hope that RCS will help us build completely new AI systems that can, for example, run real-time voice translation for a large group of people, where each person speaks different languages,” said Meta Platforms engineers Kevin Lee and Shubho Sengupta.

Competitors Microsoft and Nvidia have also announced that they are developing AI supercomputers.

Jakob Häger
[email protected]
News agency Finwire


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