Meta (Facebook) is working on a smartwatch: we already know this

New details have leaked about ‘s plans Meta, the parent company of Facebook, among others, for marketing its own smartwatch. A leaked patent application shows several ambitious and innovative plans.

In the news: From first rumors about the Meta smartwatch date from the end of October 2021 when Bloomberg in The Verge first wrote about the plans of Facebook’s parent company. A new patent application – filed in June 2021, but only now leaked – confirms quite a few of those earlier rumours. The most striking of these is undoubtedly the plan to incorporate one (or even several) camera(s) into the smartwatch.

What can we expect from the Meta smartwatch?

  • Although most rumors in recent months have referred to a square design with rounded corners, the patent application also shows a round design. So Meta seems to be working on multiple types of designs, which is not uncommon. A patent application does not necessarily mean that a device will actually come on the market. Tech companies often apply for patents for several designs, only to put them into practice in the end.
  • Both designs feature at least one camera lens. This will allow the gadget to be perfectly integrated into the so-called Metaverse.
  • The sketches show that the square smartwatch from Meta has the option of removing the screen from the actual watch. That way you can also use the camera in the screen separately from your wrist.
  • It is not yet known when Meta will announce official news about their smartwatch. According to most insiders, its release is still scheduled for 2022.


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