Mery Turiel wears the jeans of a lifetime that our mothers wore and that we will not want to take off in 2021 (and on top of it reduced)

Do you know those old jeans our mothers wore? Yes, those that feel good to all of us and that always solve those days of ‘I don’t know what to wear’ or ‘I don’t have anything in the closet’, a phrase that is always a lie. Well those Cowboys that you are imagining are the ones influence Mery Turiel. The cowboys that make a great guy, that our mothers wore and that you will not want to take off in 2021. And on top of that, discounted!

Long live the eternal cowboys! The cowboys of Mery Turiel They are the famous and, we would say, Levi’s iconic 501s. Those we would call “the cowboys of a lifetime”If we define them to a sister or a friend. Our mothers would also understand us because they have not gone out of style since their launch nor will they. Are the Cowboys emblematic of Levi’s and its origin dates back more than 40 years.

In the image, the jeans that Mery Turiel has worn.AmazonCourtesy of the brand

Mery’s jeans has found them in Amazon and they are available in various shades and, depending on their color, their price ranges between 59.40 euros and 135.90 euros. The color chosen by Mery Turiel is called Luxor Ra. Do you join the jeans of a lifetime that fit the best?


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