Merve Bolugur began to wear an Orthodox cross

The act of the actress caused a wave of indignation.

The famous Turkish actress Merve Bolugur became famous for her role as Nurbanu, the favorite of Shehzade Suleiman, in the TV series Magnificent Century.

Recently, the star came to filming with a cross around her neck. This extremely excited fans of the artist. After all, Muslims traditionally do not wear crosses.

Some condemned Merve, others unsubscribed from social networks, reports

Bolugur had to respond to the dissatisfaction of subscribers. She calmed them down.

“An Orthodox pectoral cross for me is an ordinary decoration that I really like. I don’t see anything terrible and shameful in my act, ”said the star of the TV series Magnificent Age on a page on a social network.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Mikhail Sychev


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