“Mercedes” passes entirely on automatic transmissions

The German carmaker Mercedes-Benz will stop producing cars with manual speeds next year, DPA reported.

The transition to fully automatic transmissions will take place from model to model, a company spokesman said.

“With the increase in electrification, we see that consumers are increasingly interested and looking for the right components,” he said, adding that accordingly, “Mercedes” will gradually abandon manual gears.

At present, Class A, B and CLA cars still have them. The change will be gradual in 2023, but the company has not announced when exactly.

Volkswagen pays £ 193 million to British owners over diesel gate

German carmaker Volkswagen has today agreed to pay 193 million British pounds (226 million euros) to compensate 91,000 Britons who have suffered from the falsification scandal and have started legal proceedings, AFP reported.

The Volkswagen Group and the plaintiffs reached a friendly agreement on this issue today, the automaker said in a statement. British justice ruled two years ago in favor of the drivers, but has not yet ruled on compensation.

This agreement allows approximately 91,000 claims against various divisions of the Volkswagen Group and concessionaires in the collective action in England and Wales.


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