Mercedes has revealed the damage to Hamilton’s car

photo: ATP

The Mercedes team spoke in detail about the damage to the car and the condition of Lewis Hamilton after Monza’s terrible incident, in which the pilot crashed in a battle with Max Verstappen.

Although the inspection of the car is not quite over, it is now clear that Hamilton is not threatened with punishment for changing components in the next condition.

“We spent some time with the car before leaving the track and did a quick inspection. The rear wing is in poor condition. You can see how far back it bent during the crash. There is superficial damage around the wings and the floor. Much of the damage from the blow was borne by the rollbar and heilo. The engine looks good. We will take a closer look at the gearbox when it arrives at the factory. But as I said, most of the damage is to the hail and the roof, “said Andrew Shovlin.

Even if there was damage to the gearbox, this would not be a problem for Mercedes. The change is not punishable when it is caused by an accident.

“I am just fine. There is pain in the neck – you have probably seen how much he was pushed back during the accident. There is time to recover. Angela is with him [физиотерапевтката му], she will take care of him and we hope she will compete in Russia in good health. “

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