Memories of the mountain in the Ardèche Cévenne

Genre: documentary Duration: 74 mn Year: 2017 Language: French (English and Dutch subtitles) Format: AVCHD 1920×1080 – DCP for the cinema Director: Muriel Biton and Tony Koole assisted by Claire Ferrandon Synopsis The “elders” tell the story of environmental metamorphosis and societal of the small Ardèche Cévenne, by sharing their personal experiences. Inhabiting the Thines valley in particular and the Vivarais corniche, these mountain people bear witness to the special life they had throughout the 20th century because they were isolated from the modern world which flourished in the plains in the distance. Dear audience, thank you for respecting the integrity of the characters and the rights of the authors by contacting us if you wish to make a public broadcast of our film, we have confidence in you. [email protected]

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