Meghana and Chiranjeevi Sarjas son is Raayan Raj Sarja-Photos-Video

Along with Meghna and Chiranjeevi’s family members, Nastia and two friends from the film industry attended the naming ceremony of Junior Chiru.

Actors The baby of Meghna Raj and Chiranjeevi Sarja was named last Friday. The baby was named Ryan Raj Sarja. Meghna revealed the baby ‘s name in a video shared on social media.

The naming ceremony was held when the baby was one year old. Meghna has now shared new pictures and video with her son Ryan Raj Sarja on social media.

Meghna shared a video of the ceremony at the church. Along with Meghna and Chiranjeevi’s family members, friends of the couple from the film industry, including Nastia, also attended the function.

Meghna has also added a note related to her baby along with the video. Meghna also mentions her son’s name in her post.

“As a mother, I want my son to do the best he can. He deserves the best of all worlds, just as his parents did. People prayed for him, regardless of race or religion, and prayed for our families,” Meghna said.

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“It is only fair that we ask for blessings from all the gods above… I had to do it in both directions… because his father believes that humanity is above all!” Celebrated the best of both traditions! He spoke like a real king! ”

“Ryan (Sanskrit), this name belongs to all religions… Different versions, different pronunciations, but with a definite meaning! Our Pride… Our Prince… Our Ryan Raj Sarja! ” About Meghna.

“My child, you will grow up to be like your father, who accepted and loved people as they were. They were sympathetic to the good work they were doing for humanity, regardless of their background. ”

“He’s a donor… He’s already proud of you! Mom and Dad love you! It’s time to move on! ”

“Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghna Raj with a lot of love,” Meghna wrote.


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