Meghan and Harry unite in new video

Meghan and Harry unite in new video

In the garden of their Montecito estate: Meghan and Harry demonstrate unity

Casual, open, friendly and color-coordinated – this is how Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry prefer to show themselves.

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In a video on their company website Archewell, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have been showing themselves together again for a long time. The two seem relaxed, friendly and like a unit – and thus silence the voices of critics.

This is how Meghan and Harry prefers. At home in their garden in Montecito, the two are sitting on a bench, their legs stretched out towards each other. She is wearing a high-necked, summery top with matching pants, he is wearing a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Casual, open, friendly.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry release new video

In a new video on their company Archewell’s website, Harry and Meghan reach out to young tech talent recognized by the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund. Meghan and Harry are co-founders of the organization with Archewell and so the award winners also received the honor of receiving a call from the two ex-royals.

As can be seen in the video, Meghan and Harry also thank them for their efforts on behalf of the youngest generations. Because the talents the Sussexes talk to all have very different approaches and innovative ideas for the tech industry. A young woman tells how she wants to fight cyber bullying, while others are committed to researching artificial intelligence.

Harry mentions the children

“Thank you for everything you do, especially our children are very grateful,” Prince Harry tells them. “They don’t know yet, but they will be,” adds Meghan, laughing. The recorded call to the participants is primarily a business matter for Meghan and Harry. At the same time, the video should also bring another advantage. Because for weeks there have been rumors, especially in the British gossip press, that the marriage of the two is in crisis.

Failed business efforts and the dispute with the families would have divided the two, it is said again and again. Harry occasionally doesn’t even sleep in their home anymore. It certainly helps to see Meghan and Harry acting together, smiling and facing each other. Body language experts from Harry’s home country are likely already analyzing the two’s attitudes in the latest video. They shouldn’t find much food to identify a mood of crisis.

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