Meghan and Harry, the video together that reveals the crisis

Meghan and Harry, the video together that reveals the crisis

The eyes of all royal fans (but also haters) remain focused on Harry and Meghan: Is there a crisis going on? Are they breaking up? Did they take a break? Every paparazzi, every statement from an anonymous source, every slightest clue is good for generating speculation. Now the Sussexes have released a video together to support the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund (RTYPF) which is responsible for developing ethical technologies involving the youngest. In the video, published by RTYPF, Harry and Meghan talk on the phone with some of the kids who will receive funds of up to two million dollars to develop technological projects aimed at inclusion, well-being and social justice. Of course the experts have analyzed thoroughly il their body language.

The two appear smiling and concentrated on what they are doing. There is no room for fuss, given the professional context and the seriousness of some of the topics touched upon. “Harry seems to look at Meghan a few times while she’s talking,” she explained to the Mirror body language expert Judi James,but Markle is not shown using her trademark eye contact and adoring gaze on Harry. There is no contact between them and no mutual gazes are shown“. “At one point,” adds the expert, “Meghan is looking down listening to the call and her eyes seem to start to roll up, but her gaze drops again before reaching Harry’s eyes.”

According to James “There are little signs of potential tension.” Like Meghan’s stiff smile or the fact that Harry at one point holds on to the back of the seat with one hand. Yet nothing excludes that the two exchanged glances and affectionate gestures, then cut during editing. Perhaps, after all, their crisis may just be yet another invention of the tabloids. “The last few months have been difficult”, a source recently told ad Us Weekly, “First the near car accident on May 16, the day of their last public release, then the end of the multimillion-dollar contract with Spotify and finally the setback in the prince’s lawsuit against the tabloids”. All this, however, according to the source it would only strengthen them as a couple.”They’re a united front,” he concluded, “as far as they’re concerned it’s Harry and Meghan against the world.”


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