Medicine students of the University of Talca protest for lack of clinical practices

For the second day in a row, medical students from the University of Talca protested in the Plaza de Armas of the city, in front of the Rectory of the house of studies.

Young people demand that the campus comply with the provisions of its academic framework and can carry out face-to-face practices, since they have already been studying for two years online.

There are third and fourth year students who have never examined a patient; we have lost many hours of clinical practice, what it is irrecoverable and it can be a detriment to our professional life, “he explained Javiera Caro, president of the Medical Student Center.

The leader indicated that since the time of the social outbreak they have not had any clinical practice and, being already in the second half of this year, they are still they are not sure what their process will look like from now on.

Caro stated that medical students are willing to use their vacation days to attend clinical practices, as they understand it as necessary and essential for their proper professional training.


Claudio Cruzat, director of the Medicine career, said “the University fully agrees with the opinion of the students of the career in the sense of the enormous relevance that has the access to clinical fields for the medical formation “.

Clinical practices are essential for students to acquire their learning: they are carried out mainly in hospitals and municipal health establishments, such as clinics, but These practices were suspended 100 percent by instruction of the health authority at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020“, explained the manager.

He also specified that the Universidad de Talca has already resumed face-to-face practices for all of its interns. However, the clinical field practices of students in third, fourth and fifth – called “curricular practices” – have not yet been released and authorized by the respective healthcare centers.

In this sense, “a permanent coordination management is carried out, between the University and these clinical fields, for the prompt recovery of these quotas and to restart these practical activities,” said Claudio Cruzat.



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