Medicine in the fight against climate change

A few days ago, the whole editorial scientific community of relevance has joined in an appeal to keep in mind the climate change. The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA… and so you have two hundred of medical publications launch a joint editorial thinking about the next UN Assembly.

Also these days, the publication with the greatest economic diffusion in the world, The Economist, offers a new section on planet Earth, following the theory that he formulated in the 60s James Lovelock, a British astronomer who worked in California. This theory poses the earth as a living being with a high internal complexity.

Earth: a living being

The laws of the thermodynamics and the flows of Energy are the activity of the Earth as a “living being”, influencing the planet temperature that directly affects the composition of gases in the atmosphere. As simple to write as complex to detail.

If the Earth can be considered a living being, the alteration of its energy balance, gases or its ecosystems can make it get sick.

A planet that sickens

The evidence that climate change sick not only the planet, but also its inhabitants and other animal species, it is already unquestionable.

Actually, this approach is yet another consequence of the theories that confirm that the alteration of ecosystems (such as the degradation of glaciers) expose us to new pathogens that have remained hidden for millions of years.

Scientific foundation

But we must not fall into the error that everything that is done or said in the name of “ecosystems and climate change” must be considered. It is important who says it.

If we do cases to those who do not know, we run the risk of falling into the demagoguery or absurdity for lacking of the scientific foundation necessary. We must leave science in the hands of those who understand.

Science on climate change issues must prevail over philias and phobias of ideologies they want to end him progress, and for this they renounce any type of advance. In this group we can place the recent controversy about the works of El Prat airport expansion in Barcelona.

The extension of El Prat in Barcelona

A small area of ​​water in which some birds live (which can be relocated) cannot paralyze the increase in the capacity of the airport of Barcelona by almost 50%. The benefit for the economy and society (€ 1.8 billion of investment and 80,000 jobs) is greater than the relocation of a small group of birds.

“People’s health is being damaged by rising temperatures and the destruction of the natural world, a situation that health professionals have been calling attention to for decades”

Editorial of the Medical and Scientific Journals

Commitment of cities

More and more cities are committed to levels of particulate matter and nitrous oxide, among other gases. The effect of the vehicle circulation It is being reduced, limiting the speed below what is imaginable, which forces the use of public transport, which tends to the green. Time will tell if they are effective measures.

Although the objective is clear, to preserve ecosystems, the way to carry it out it requires the intervention of science.

As the editorials of medical publications state: “The health of people is being damaged by increasing the temperature and the destruction of the natural world, a situation that health professionals have been calling attention to for decades ”.

As in all calamities, there are always the most vulnerable those who get the worst of it. Extreme weather, soil depletion, heat waves… Neither rich nor poor countries are saved, they affirm in the document of the medical publications referred to. The goal is easy to establish, but the human being insists on making it very difficult to achieve it.

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