mechanical – SECRET_SCIENCE (official video)

now featured in CreatorProject: .. another whole summer worth delving into the complexities of esoteric cyber microscopy using complex fractal formula – any and all use of open source and command line software. most of the sequences in the first part were filmed entirely with my cheap ass kinect360 – the resulting computers and depth data were recorded via Brekel-free and manipulated with Meshlab, 3DSMax / VRay, Cebas TP, Mettle FreeForm and Trapcode Form. audio by MECHANIMAL video denial.of.service Inner Ear Records IIN102L © 2014 being .Official innerearrecords “Secret Science” was recorded at MECHANIMAL’s own Athens studio in the winter and spring of 2014. Written and produced by Giannis Papaioannou, the band’s founder, who has a long history in the Greek post-punk and electronics landscape. “Secret Science” has been released on vinyl, including a bonus CD, a digital cassette album from Inner Ear Records. purchase link:


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