MEB taps the IPO price at 28.50 baht, open for subscription on 3-6 and 7 Feb.

MEB taps the IPO price at 28.50 baht, open for subscription on 3-6 and 7 Feb.

Map Corporation Public Company Limited (MEB) brings E-Book business, companies in the CRC group, tapping the IPO price at 28.50 baht per share, open for subscription on 3-6 and 7 Feb. ’23, expected to be ready to trade on mai on 14 Feb. . This raises funds to generate strong future growth performance.

On February 1, 2023, Mr. Pichet Sithi-Amnuai, Managing Director Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited, as a financial advisor and underwriter and underwriter for the sale of newly issued ordinary shares of MEB Corporation Public Company Limited (MEB), disclosed that it had determined the offering price of ordinary shares to to the general public (IPO) at a price of 28.50 baht per share

which will be open for subscription between February 3 and February 6-7, 2023 and is expected to be listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) on February 14, using the trading abbreviation ” MEB” in the service category.

MEB offers a total of 75,500,000 IPO shares, representing 25.17 percent of the total issued and paid-up ordinary shares of the Company. There are 2 joint underwriters and underwriters, namely Krungthai Xspring Securities Company Limited and Capital Nomura Securities Public Company Limited.

Mr. Rawiworn Mahasit, Chief Executive Officer, MEB Corporation Public Company Limited (MEB), as a leader in the business of distributing electronic books (E-Book) through the meb and readAwrite platforms, which are Thailand’s leading online literary reading platforms, said The registration statement and draft prospectus of MEB are effective on January 31, 2023.

By fixing the offering price of shares at 28.50 baht per share, the expected amount of money raised from this funding is approximately 2,151.75 million baht, with the objectives of using the proceeds as follows:

(1) To use for expanding the business in the current platform (meb readAwrite and Hytexts) by adding online literature content. Fiction and non-fiction genres

(2) to use for new business expansion related to current business to foreign countries By emphasizing the use of the local language of that country. along with purchasing Thai literary rights translate to english

(3) To be used to improve and develop the current platform to better meet the needs of customers and to serve as working capital for business operations.

“I’m confident that after this fundraising will make the company Has the potential to do business to grow more as well as having a strong financial position Become more famous and is accepted both domestically and internationally This is in line with the company’s business expansion plan. To open up important opportunities to expand the business, whether creating a new platform or merging or acquiring in the future.

“And continue to be a leader in the business by developing platforms and operating systems aimed at continually creating a special experience for customers. Therefore, it can be seen that MEB still has many opportunities and channels for business growth. and have the opportunity to generate good returns for shareholders in the future,” said Mr. Rawiworn.

“The IPO pricing at 28.50 baht per share was determined based on the Bookbuild of institutional investors who expressed great interest in subscribing to MEB shares, which is considered a reasonable price and in line with the strong fundamentals that MEB has. The operating performance continues to grow outstandingly. Strong financial position with no debt at all In addition, the business about e-books or E-Book is unique.

making it very attractive to invest At the same time, it has a management team with vision and industry knowledge.

“By managing the company since its inception to the present with the intention of creating stable and sustainable growth along with the determination to bring various content of Thai writers creating soft power to the world market, so I am confident that the company’s share offering It will definitely be watched, ”Mr. Pichet finally said.

Incidentally, after the sale of IPO shares this time, Mr. Rawiworn Mahasit and Mr. Kittipong Surname Lim as the founder of the company Will hold shares together about 18.7 percent and Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited through a subsidiary in the group which is the former major shareholder will hold approximately 56 percent of shares in MEB.


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