Meanwhile in F1 | Imitating Lando Norris is going horribly wrong for Moto3 rider

Between all the important news you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, F1 will keep you informed in the ‘Meanwhile in …’ section of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1.

Imitating Lando Norris is going horribly wrong for Moto3 rider

Moto3 rider Celestino Vietti probably thinks longer next time before spraying champagne on the podium. Lando Norris shone on the podium after the Austrian Grand Prix by opening his champagne bottle in a special way and that inspired Vietti, who also wanted to do that on the podium after the Moto3 race at Jerez. However, his champagne bottle broke into pieces. The result: Vietti was injured in his hand and needed 22 stitches.

Change tires for Max Verstappen? Which can!

Red Bull has released a new game where you can virtually change the tires of Max Verstappen’s F1 car. But if you are good enough in the game and you set the fastest time in the competition, you can try it in real life.

Looking back at the crazy rain race in Hungary

With a few days left to wait for the British Grand Prix on the well-known Silverstone circuit, Formula 1 looks back on the Grand Prix of Hungary 2014. A heavy downpour gives us a chaotic race with many spins and crashes.

Ziggo Sport denies Robert Doornbos Formula 1 career

Robert Doornbos has a total of eleven Formula 1 races to his name, spread over two periods at Minardi and Red Bull Racing in 2005 and 2006. This weekend marks exactly fifteen years since the Ziggo Sport analyst made his debut during the German Grand Prix of 2005, but that seems to his table companions in the Formula 1 Coffee to deny. “You’re a bunch of cunts,” he jokes.

Horner wonders, “Is this horsepower or tractor power?”

Christian Horner enjoys his free weekend by pulling the tractor out of the shed and touring it. Horner also refers to Formula 1 on his Instagram by asking: ‘Is this horsepower or tractor power?’. The red tractor soon generates a link to Ferrari, but that aside.

First teams arrive for Grand Prix of Great Britain

Where the drivers are currently enjoying a short break, the first teams have already arrived in Great Britain. At the Silverstone circuit, the drivers are waiting for a double-header. After that, the teams will have to pack quickly, because then the F1 spectacle will move to Barcelona. These are busy days for the teams and drivers.

‘Dubious Rich Energy makes offer for football club’

A striking message from William Storey, CEO of Rich Energy. The energy drink producer was one of the major lenders at Haas in early 2019, but that marriage ended in a soap of unprecedented size. In the meantime, Storey seems to seek refuge in another sport, because he reports via Twitter that has made an offer for football club Sunderland. The question remains to what extent the offer can be taken seriously.

Grosjean takes his rest on Greek island

Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean makes good use of the short break between the Grands Prix of Hungary and Great Britain. The Frenchman and his wife are currently in a resort in Greece to soak up the sun before Grosjean heads back to Silverstone.

Hamilton uses dog Roscoe during a workout

Obviously, Lewis Hamilton loves dogs. He usually has his four-legged friends with him, even during race weekends. But it doesn’t stop there. When the Brit goes into the gym, he can also use his friend well.

Hamilton grabs the mountain bike

Lewis Hamilton has decided to put the period between the Grand Prix of Hungary and the Grand Prix of Great Britain to good use. The Brit took the road bike and decided to ride through a mountain landscape to maintain his condition.

Kravitz about the parking lot of the F1 drivers

Will Formula 1 drivers get a company car? Ted Kravitz has found the answer to this question in the most recent edition of The Notebook. The jolly Brit takes a look at the parking lot of the Formula 1 drivers and comes across some very nice ones.

Vettel and Leclerc play pictionary

It is not yet clear who is the best on the track this season. The men are also exciting outside the circuit. In the next game of pictionary, the Ferrari drivers head for victory.

Verstappen receives a souvenir from broken RB16

After Max Verstappen put his Red Bull in the barriers, prior to the Grand Prix of Hungary, his engineers managed to fix the car at a rapid pace. After his well-earned P2, Verstappen received a souvenir from his engineers, they have saved a broken part for him.

“You can make a chain out of it,” suggested one of his engineers. “Yes, but I would rather not be reminded of it,” said Verstappen wittily when he heard the suggestion.

“But I don’t speak French at all!”

It took a while when Johnny Herbert Williams driver Nicholas Latifi wanted to ask a few questions. The British tried to distract the Canadian by asking if he could say something in French. Annoying, since there is only a limited part in Canada which is purely French-speaking. Latifi was therefore unable to meet his request. Ai!

Ocon drifts through the last corner of GP Hungary

Esteban Ocon closes the Grand Prix of Hungary in style: he almost loses his car in the last corner, but makes it a kind of drift action. Fortunately, he keeps his car whole and crosses the finish line.

Have you already checked F1Maximaal’s Instagram page?

Future Ferrari drivers in battle

In Hungary, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc met on the track. With a brilliant catch-up action, Sainz dived on the inside of corner one next to Leclerc. Who will pull the longest end at Ferrari next year?

Mercedes jokes about showing Rosberg

Former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg was seen briefly during the Grand Prix of Hungary. Not on the track, but on a video image next to the asphalt. The German racing stable wanted to piss their 2016 champion on Twitter.

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