McDonald’s manager jailed for rape of a 14-year-old female worker in the refrigerator

The sexual assault occurred in December 2018, but the manager just received the guilty verdict last week.

Andrew Albertorio, 25, was sentenced to prison for a decade because of the rape of another McDonald employee in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Her 14-year-old victim told police that Albertorio started flirting with her on Snapchat after she started working on the restaurant in the summer of 2018.

Despite being a minor, Albertorio repeatedly discussed having sex with her.

The young man was able to resist his progress by reminding him that he was his boss and much older than she was.

However, it was not quite as one day Albertorio was able to angle the girl in the cold room where he touched her, pulled down his pants and raped her.

The manager then continued to rape her again in the cool, but he also targeted her in the restaurant bathroom, his car and his home, according to Star Tribune.

Prosecutors had originally sought a 12-year term for Albertorio, while his defense supported only a 7-and-a-half-year term.

Judge Jeannice Reding decided for a decade as there was some sense of a relationship in favor of the suspect and the victim.

“The crime is cheaper than usual (and) there was a limited oversight role, no predatory action,” he said.

County deputy attorney Rachel Kraker disagrees and claims that Albertorio has used his authority for his sexual purposes and has shown no remorse.

Albertorio apologized to the victim and his family and with the credit for the time in prison, just under seven years in prison will expire with the rest on probation.


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