May 1: Police push Prix Courage wearers to the ground

1st May

Zurich city police officers push Prix Courage wearers to the ground

In 2017, Remo Schmid won the Prix Courage for civil courage. On May 1, he got into a discussion with the police in front of the People’s House, whereupon they pushed him to the ground.


After a heated discussion about barrier tape in front of a restaurant, the police pulled Remo Schmid onto the street and pushed him to the ground.

Screenshot TeleZüri

  • After the official May Day rally, an unauthorized Nacho gathered in the afternoon.

  • The police therefore blocked off Helvetiaplatz, which annoyed some passers-by.

  • One of them was pinned to the ground by the police.

On Monday afternoon there were discussions between police officers and passers-by in front of the Volkshaus. The reason for this was a barrier tape that the police had used to cordon off the area around Helvetiaplatz because there was an official Nacho Rally on May 1st took place. In contrast to the official rally, the Nacho was not approved.

“Stop it, we’re in the restaurant here,” says a man to the police officer, like footage of TeleZüri show. He replies something that is incomprehensible on the recording, whereupon the man says: “You don’t have to threaten me, you stupid w****.”

Several police officers then pull the man away from the restaurant and push him to the ground on the street. The man screams and then says he didn’t provoke the police and that he had nothing to do with the demonstration.

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A news scout recorded the scene in front of the Volkshaus.

Video: 20min/News-Scout

Mann was honored for civil courage in 2017

“I’m Remo Schmid. Prix ​​Courage winner. honorary citizen. I help people and that’s what happens to me, »he calls towards the camera. Before the police officers take him away, he says the police pinched his nose and stressed again that he had nothing to do with the demonstration.

Remo Schmid became 2017 awarded the Prix Courage for extraordinary civil courage. The then 31-year-old had protected a woman from a violent criminal, pursued her and finally handed her over to the police, where he was also hit by a few blows.

Police confirm incident – ​​the man “physically resisted”

The Zurich city police confirmed the incident at the request of TeleZüri. The man tore off the police tape in front of the Volkshaus and defied and provoked the police order. The police therefore decided to pull him away from the people, and “he physically resisted.”

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