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Maurice de Hond: ‘Should have listened to me …’

by drbyos

Maurice de Hond, known as the opinion pollster in the Netherlands, already knew it last year and had we listened to him: aerosols appear to be quite important in the spread of the Corona virus. So thirteen months of damage have been for nothing …

The World Health Organization last Friday recognized the important role of aerosols in the spread of the Coronavirus. According to scientists from the universities of Amsterdam, Twente and Cambridge, “more and more” model studies would show that those tiny particles that you, I and everyone else produce by sneezing, coughing or just talking can ‘linger’ for a long time. .

According to the NOS quite important news, but thanks to Maurice de Hond we already knew this more than a year ago. on his website posted: “So that you can see what you could have done with the knowledge of that time in those 13 months to prevent a lot of damage,” said De Hond on Twitter.

Fair is fair: we can only agree with Maurice de Hond in this. We are currently holding an editorial meeting to determine whether we should provide him with a PowNed sticker.

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