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Maureen Dor reveals having been sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot

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France 2 was broadcasting the number ofCorrespondent in which 4 women accused Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault and rape. Three uncovered testimonies and an anonymous one added to the closed complaint filed against the ex-host and ex-minister in 2018 by François Mitterrand’s granddaughter, Pascale Mitterrand.

One more testimony was added to this concert this Thursday. that of the former Belgian host and actress Maureen Dor, now editor and based in France. In a long letter addressed to the editorial staff ofCorrespondent, she relates facts dating back to 1989, in a Brussels hotel. She was 18 at the time and had just started working on television as she explains in her letter. “I read the bookCrossroads’ by Nicolas Hulot, star of the show “Ushuaia”. I loved this book and had the urge to send him a letter telling him so. Not knowing his address, I wrote to “Nicolas Hulot, Ushuaïa program, TF1, Paris, France”. In this letter, I also told him that I was from Brussels and that I would be happy to show him around my city if he ever came there. I also gave him my phone number since we were “TV colleagues”.

A few weeks later, to her surprise, she received a phone call from Nicolas Hulot announcing his arrival in Brussels. An appointment is made at the Hôtel Métropole. She goes there but things do not go as she expected. “So I accompany him and, immediately in the room, here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me. I push him away, astonished and frightened, making this naive remark: ‘But you have a wife!’ and him to answer me that it has nothing to do and that I will be a ‘parenthesis’.”

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Anticipating the remarks that could be made to her, Maureen Dor specifies: “And now I’m going to start justifying myself, like any woman who’s found herself in a bad situation. I was 18 in 1989, raised in a bourgeois Catholic environment. I am a virgin and above all, I do not find myself particularly sexy. It’s important to say because at the time I sincerely believe that a man can offer to accompany him to his room without having any ulterior motives. I am one of those young girls who do not think for a moment to inspire the slightest thought or the slightest desire of a sexual nature. ”

However, the Belgian admits to having returned there. She accepted the invitation to dinner from Nicolas Hulot and his friends, despite what had just happened. And in the car taking them to the restaurant, the host and future minister gave him his room number, “just in case”. Later, she wrote him a letter in which he explained to her that this should not be done to young girls who admired him. Letter that she delivered to him personally at the book fair.

Further on after having related another experience, professional this one, doubtful, she writes: “I was not ‘damaged’ by my meeting with Mr. Hulot. And I’m sincerely afraid of being so much more by the reactions that this kind of denunciation generates on social networks. In addition, I think we can change. You can be a bad guy at one time and realize your bullshit as you get older or have children. I dare to hope that fatherhood has “taught” Mr. Hulot that women should be respected. But if it looks like he continued not to take a “non” for what it is, if he continued to believe that women’s bodies are available to him, then he has to be taught that it is not. ”

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Speaking to Nicolas Hulot’s daughter, she adds: “I am sincerely sorry for Mr. Hulot’s daughter who will discover that her father is not the hero or the man of integrity that she was entitled to hope for, but I am even more sorry for all the women who have her. learned in pain and unwillingly (that’s the case to say it!). Between her and them, I chose them. Because they are also me. took a very long time to realize that. “

The episode at the Hôtel Métropole is very similar to the scenario described by one of the accusing women, in Correspondent, Nicolas Hulot for having raped her. Her name is Syvlia in the report and she was only 16 years old at the time of the facts she denounces.

It was in 1999, the host ofUshuaia was his idol. During a competition on France Inter where he hosts a program, she comes into contact with him. Nicolas Hulot invites him to come and watch the show. Then they both go for a drink and he offers to accompany her to drop her off at the Trocadero so that she can take her metro. When leaving, he asks her to kiss him on the neck, she explains. Then he exhibited his penis and asked for a blowjob. “I have never done it, Sylvia explains. I wonder if that’s what a romantic relationship is ”. “To make it stop, she says, I kiss her lower abdomen. Because I know I’m stuck. ”

If she speaks today, after 30 years of silence, it is, she explains in Correspondent, for “Free me, get out of this car”.

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Contacted by the journalists who carried out the investigation, both Nicolas Hulot and his lawyers refused any interview on the subject. Correspondent therefore broadcast the first and only telephone interview between the ex-host and ex-minister and Élise Lucet who explains to him the object of his call. Informed of the content of the report, Nicolas Hulot said he was devastated. “I don’t even want to defend myself, do we hear him say, the media voice is already forged. What weight will mine have in the current context. When you’re innocent like I am, you’re trapped. In the current context, the word of women is sacred. It is folded in advance ”.

He denies the charges that are brought against him, for prescribed facts, as recalled Correspondent. He also said it Wednesday on the antenna of BFMTV when he anticipated the broadcast of this investigation concerning him.

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