Matrix Resurrections – Official Trailer 1 REACTION !!

Eric Calvin and Aaron respond to and discuss Matrix Resurrections – the official trailer for 1 ORIGINAL VIDEO: …

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41 Responses

  1. MAYBE they are going back to Neo because they NEED to "resurrect" Morpheus and he is the only "chosen one" that can do it so they play on his emotions making a deal that they will bring her back from the dead in exchange for helping them bring back Morpheus. Hence The Matrix Resurrections !

  2. Man and Machine have peace for 20 years, Neo lives in a simulation as "John Wick" in a separate server to keep him busy, Trinity is revived and lives in the same server but they never meet, living their own lives. War breaks out again between man and machine, a new crew is tasked to bring Neo and Trinity back to The Matrix, Morpheus is too old to go, sends a student of his. Neo is confronted before leaving his "safe" John Wick simulation by that agent at the end, trying to make him stay where he is "…To be going back, to where it all started, back to the Matrix? Wouldn't you rather avenge your puppy again? Come now Mr.Anderson, the humans will do fine without you."

  3. The elevator scene at 3:38 reminds me of how old games had mirror images of architecture on the other side of a "reflective" surface to create the illusion of a reflection since the tech wasn't advanced enough to generate them properly. We're seeing the illusion from the other side of the ceiling. Kinda funny how a centuries-old simulation lacks ray tracing.

  4. I'm thinking he's in a different kind of Matrix. Maybe one built specifically for him, to preserve his brain? Maybe they're just trying to understand him better, and the humans are somehow the bad guys this time?

  5. In fairness bros, you have one of best reactions because you understand what is happening somehow even though it is unclear. There is one reaction with that girl and boy noting that the release date of 12.22.21 is a palindrome. That King George could be an agent or some say it is the Architect or another program.

  6. I think neo will have to choose either the real world or the matrix, which has trinity in it, but in the real world, trinity is just some eyes, a brain, and spinal cord hanging in a jar like Cain from robocop 2, plugged in and "alive" but with no body. So it's the same Neo since it never really said he died, he saved the system so he was rewarded with a new identity and no memory, Trinity's body couldn't be saved but her brain could so that's why she's there. They say that we will discard our bodies one day and upload our consciences into a machine and live forever, but would we really be "alive"? Questions Questions lol

  7. Spoiler – not really. There is the green Matrix and the gold Matrix. When Neo was able to control the machines outside the green Matrix, he was still in another kind of Matrix hence the gold code he sees.

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